A few clips from my time in Congress, working as a journalist in TV News, and more recently, as a contributor.






 Trey Radel’s public life is as diverse and electrifying as his personal side.

Trey has backpacked parts of the world living off 10-bucks day, learned a few languages, had a stellar career in TV, radio and print, and was elected to Congress, all by his mid-30s.

Known for his passion, engaging personality and personable demeanor, Radel built a tremendously successful career in media. As a TV News Reporter, he interviewed Presidents of countries to companies, was shot in the ass with a rubber bullet covering riots in Miami and covered numerous hurricanes. Yes, he’s been the reporter that makes you ask yourself, “What’s that idiot doing out there?” As an Anchor, Trey never quite had the sweet suits Ron Burgundy pulled off, but he did have success launching two new newscasts in the market and served as the station’s Political Reporter.

Bored with TV, Radel tried his hand as an entrepreneur, this time building a new company as a Newspaper Publisher. In a little more than a year, as he began to build and rapidly expand his newspaper, Trey sold the company to a large media conglomerate.

Following TV and print, Radel went on to radio, hosting one of Florida’s premier talk shows, doing four hours of live talk every weekday covering politics to pop culture.

The fierce patriot then had the opportunity to fulfill a life long dream – to serve our country. Tired of standing on the sidelines, Radel ran for the U.S. Congress. The underdog won big, building a massive coalition of people cutting across generational, ethnic and cultural lines.

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