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I craft compelling and provocative spots, language and themes for

digital, TV, radio, and print that move and persuade. 

It’s not what people hear or see. It’s how they feel. 

Emotion rules. 

Below, a wide variety of spots, including humor, provocative and somewhat standard political messaging. I produced, wrote, edited, coached the talent, and on most spots, I scored my own original music.


Viral Humor
"California Freedom" / 2M Views

Oppo Humor
"Mooney Hates Key Lime Pie"

NYC: Improv Spot
"Curtis Cares"

NYC: Standard Political 
"Make a Choice"

NYC: Espanol
"Mi Gente"

"LGB Isn't About Biden"

RADIO: African-American Community  
"50 Years"

REEL - This is dated, but..
have a laugh and see familiar faces

The Funniest Spot You've Ever Heard

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